Etsy Renegade Craft Fair Summer 2012

Did anyone check out the awesome Etsy Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in LA’s Historic Park? I certainly did, as I look forward to this weekend every year. I’m not a big shopper but when I come to the Renegade, I let myself indulge. Normally I get a lot of my tee-shirts here, jewelry, and even just ideas. If you’re trying to save money, it’s a great place to come and be inspired. In my mind, many of these artists are living the dream. They create for a living and get to sell their own goods. This has ben inspiring to me, and I hope my life will be veering in this unconventional job/lifestyle soon. You’ll be the first to know when it happens.

The fair takes place on the green grass park in Chinatown (close to Dodger Stadium) with an excellent view of downtown. I got there right as it opened on Saturday at 11am, to avoid the crowds and get first dibs (if you will). It was hot, but not as bad as other years. Parking was pretty easy along the side streets. There was a great showing of tents and my favorite vendors came out for it.

Considering I got there early, there were still a good number of people. The nice thing about coming on Saturday is it gives you 24 hours to think about what you saw and if you really want to get something you have time to go back and buy it.

I love not only the goods being sold, but the booths themselves are so creative. This isn’t your normal craft fair and a lot of thought goes into the presentation/signage. I can also tell you that the more merchandise in your booth, and the more thought into presentation draws in a lot more patrons. I noticed this just walking around.

The photo below is of a tee-shirt booth I love called Gnome Enterprises. They’re a little pricy for me, but a few years back I bought the turquoise tee shirt with the fox on it and I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Truly, I wore it to work this past week in anticipation of the fair and I got several compliments.. even years after buying it. Fuzzy Ink is another favorite of mine, but I couldn’t find their booth this year. And of course I bought jewelry from Love Tree Nail. How could I not? My next post will be taking inventory of all my purchases and sharing some awesome vendors with you. I’m big into the “$5 bins” that they bput out in front of their booths. Lets just say I got a TON of great stuff for a cheap price.

There’s still time for you to stop into the fair. It’s going until 7pm tonight. Check it out, because it wont be back until December! Also, get one of the popsicles at there stands. I can’t find the name of the company anywhere. But this company rocks and has totally unique flavors. It was a very nice refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

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