Weekend Guide July 27 + 28 + 29

Today has been a technology cluster-friggles! I think everything I own has decided to stop working and I’m just so glad it’s the weekend. This technology hubaloo is the reason for this late Weekend Guide. My email is on the fritz (never use yahoo mail as your main email, because this seems to happen more and more with them). I’m sad to say this is going to be a short one due to lack of accessing emails. At least from my memory, I can give you a few fun things. And I’m sure most everyone will be in watching the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight, as that’s always a big crowd pleaser. Let’s get to it!

FRIDAY July 27:
If you insist on dvring (or skipping) the Olympic opening games, there’s only one fun event I know of off-hand tonight. It’s a Grand Performances event called, Mystery & Legacy: The Music of Hawaii. Be sure to pack a blanket and stop into Trader Joes for some wine, bread, cheese and grapes if youre classy. The main event starts at 8p, but come early to claim a spot, relax and watch the sun go down.

On Slack guitar and vocals is George Kahumoku Jr. (four time Grammy winner). The will share music, stories, and culture with the crowd. If you’re going to skip the Olympics, this is the next best event happening tonight.



My favorite event of the year is happening on Saturday and Sunday this weekend: The Etsy Renegade Craft Fair. It’s all starting at 11am on Saturday and going until Sunday at 7pm. I love this event. There’s nothing like seeing artists coming together to sell their totally unique works. I often find my jewelry and tee-shirts at this event. They’ll have food trucks, crafts, and tons of unique items for sale. It’s held at the State Historic Park which is walking distance from the metro. Get there early to avoid the hottest hours. I’m so excited!

At 4pm tomorrow, The Warehouse in Echo Park is closing for renovations and holding a last hurrah. Be sure to stop in for food, drinks, discounts and a raffle. Why not stop in around 7p and after head across the street to visit the Sunset Beer Company. Remember when I went? 

If you’re more into Art Gallery openings, there will be a good one Saturday night at the William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica. Greg Miller and Alejandro Gehry will be showing off their work, which you can read about HERE.

This last Saturday activity is the Pancake and Booze Art Show downtown. It’s 8p-2am on both Friday and Saturday at Lot 613. It’s $5 for a night or art, pancakes, body-painting and music. I’ve been before, and it’s a very fun night.

SUNDAY July 29:

Now that Grand Park is opening (this weekend) they are doing Music In The Park from 11:30-3:30 on Sunday. Come celebrate the opening and participate in this Grand Performances event. Check out the link for other events happening there all weekend, like Dance Party Day! Exciting!

This is also your last day to stop into the Etsy Renegade Craft fair or you have to wait 6 months for their Christmas fair.

Unfortunately with my mail down, that’s all I’ve got for now folks. I hope it’s enough to fill out your weekend. If you want some more specific recommendations as far as fun things to do in Los Angeles, shoot me an email at lifeabsorbed@gmail.com. Hopefully that email is up and working. That’s all folks!

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