LA Story

Are you new to LA? Have you lived in LA your whole life? Either way, you need to see the Steve Martin film LA Story if you haven’t already. I own this film, partly because I’m a giant comedy nerd who loves Steve Martin, but also because it’s really ALL about Los Angeles. The film creates a caricature of Los Angeles, and anyone living here will appreciate it and anyone new to the city needs to see it to get LA. Many of the scenes were shot on location all around LA, and I even recognize some secret stairs. Here are a few of my favorite scenes from this classic.

Did you watch the clip above? If you did, you got to see him driving down several sets of Secret Stairs. This next clip is one of my favorite scenes from the movie and takes place at the LACMA.

I swear there’s much more LA packed into this movie, and the above was just a taste. Rent it, Netflix-it, buy it. One last taste of this film:

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