I had an AWESOME print find today, and I have to share. It was so hot out in the valley I decided no secret stairs today, and instead just walked around some cute independent shops. I stopped in front of an old frame shop with a sign that said $5 prints. I decided to flip through seeing mostly ads and posters.. nothing exciting. Then I came across this beautiful series (2) of prints. I went into this frame store/shop of oddities and spoke with an old man who must have been the owner. He had to be over 80, with thick magnifying glasses and adorable suspenders (which were the pattern of measuring tape) and this shop looked like his playground. I fell instantly in love with him. He gave me the series for a total of $5. Did I mention these prints were signed and numbered? Nothing like the movie posters he was selling. I had to share this, because I stumbled upon such a great find by stopping into independent shops. Take a walk around your neighborhood and even if you’re just browsing (like I was) you might stumble upon something really special.

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