Chicago 2: I Love the ZOO!

Here’s the link to Chicago 1: Bloomingdale Trail + Street Art + Antique Taco, my first Chicago post. This next post is all about where we spent the second half of our day, The Lincoln Park ZOO! This FREE zoo is a must do when visiting or living in Chicago. I had a blast and wish LA had a free zoo, I would be there every night. Parking was $20, but if you park on the street and walk in (it was super easy), it’s free! Well, here are some of my favorites!

Since it was the afternoon, many of the animals were napping. This lion was one of the first animals we saw. I was really shocked at how nonexistent the fences are. Like, shockingly nonexistent. At least they all stayed in their pens.

Crocs! Or alligators? Here’s the thing about me at the zoo, I love looking at them but hate actually learning about the animals. I’d rather just watch them. Also, I can’t read. Okay, I’m kidding there… kinda.

SLOTHS!! They were hiding in the rafters, but I got a face shot.

The camels have dreadlocks. We tried to impersonate what they sound like. That’s actually a really fun zoo game, guess what the animals would say and how they would say it.

I love patterns, so you can guess I love the zebra.

This was the best part of the zoo, the gorillas, orangoutangs, and baboons! They are so human it’s insane. I could watch them all day.

These next two photos are of the same lovable animal. Just don’t look at his private parts. He starred me down and came right over to me (notice the shaky shot).

Sleepy Baby pose! How adorable all the sleepy females.

Mold-A-Rama!! We paid the $2 to get our green gorilla. The inject the plastic into the mold in front of you and it creates this cool toy.

How happy does this polar bear look? Bear bliss.

It reached 5pm, when the zoo shuts down, so we bid our farewell to the animals, specifically the bear exhibit. In fact, the last bear dwelling we saw didn’t have the bear in it (and it also had low fences)… should we have told the zoo keepers? We didn’t and went on our way. My only word of advice is bring sunscreen! We all got a lot of color at the zoo.

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