The Super Serious Show (June 21, 2012)

Greetings from Chicago! Get ready for the fastest comedy update ever. Last week I went to the Super Serious Show in LA with my friend Jamie. IT’s located at the Cafe Club Fais Do-Do in a Culver City adjacent neighborhood. Aka, it’s in the ghetto. Go with a friend, but be show to go because it’s an awesome venue for comedy. They offered half price tickets, so I got 2 tickets for $15 which includes free beer and wine.

The comedians were excellent, but due to time restraints I can’t go into details. They were all excellent. Baron Vaughn was a hilarious host and I’ve been quoting the bits from the night ever since.

The show happens once a month, with different comedians all the time. Look how artistic the stage looks (below). They also had the Border Grill food truck there, and I had lovely veggie tacos for dinner. It was a fun cheap night in LA!

2 thoughts on “The Super Serious Show (June 21, 2012)

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