The Newsroom Premiere

This post is late because I slept in after a very Hollywood night out. The show I’ve been working on, The Newsroom, had it’s big premiere event. Remember when I told you about it HERE? I just wanted to share about last nights event. I’ve worked on several shows and yet this is my first premiere party. It felt so high-profile with the whole cast, their dates (some were famous), and then HBO’s guests (Larry David and James Gandolfini). Plus the crew I worked with was there.

Even TMZ was there with this scoop! And Perez picked it up too! How Hollywood is that?

We had to take red carpet pics:

The event was held at the Arclight Dome and it was my first time seeing a movie in there. While the stars walked the carpet, everyone was inside chatting and taking their seats while the live feed played on the screen. It was fun to see the carpet, without having to be outside. They had mountains of soda and popcorn for all the guests. Once everyone was in the theater, the head HBO exec and Aaron Sorkin gave speeches and then the show began. I loved it. I know I’m biased, but I really enjoyed it. I had already seen the pilot before, but now it had all the bells and whistles which made it even better. Sam Waterson is my favorite. He’s a super nice guy in real life and he’s very funny on screen. You’ll love him. The show airs on HBO this Sunday night!

Here’s this behind the scenes blip HBO made. My boss, Richard Hoover, is in there!


Once the episode ended we waited outside for the shuttles and then were shipped out to Boulevard 3 for the after-party.

The after party was completely newsroom themed. Globes everywhere. All the private bungalows were made to look like offices and conference rooms. Even the DJ booth was set-up like the News Night desk. It was pretty funny to see a news themed club. The tv’s all had news video footage that we used on the pilot episode.

They even had pillows that were a map pattern with “The Newsroom” printed on them. Everyone took one home.

I went up to the second floor where they had a photo booth set up, and took this picture looking down on the first floor:

Look at the GIANT globe hanging form the ceiling! How crazy is that? It looked awesome. HBO knows how to throw a party. I got to say hi with all my coworkers who I haven’t seen for a couple months, and my favorite director, Greg Mottola. He’s awesome and took time to say hi to us art department people, despite this party being filled with important HBO executives.

I also want to mention that it was at the after party where I turned around and saw Larry David walk by me. You know from this blog, I’m a comedy nerd. Seeing LD is HUGE for me. And he looked just like he does in Curbed. The same outfit, same walk, everything. That rounded out a fun night. Now I assume we do this every Sunday when the episode comes on?

Here’s one last red carpet shot:


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