The Silver Lake Jubilee 2012

I’m about 2 weeks late on this one, but I still want to tell you about the Silver Lake Jubilee (aka Hipster Hoopla). I opted to only go on Sunday, which cost $20 (kinda pricy) and they had the option of Saturday and Sunday for $35 (kinda a better deal?) but I could only go Sunday. My friend Jamie came with me to enjoy the music of bands we’ve never heard of, eat food truck food and then watch some of my favorite comedians at the Il Cid stage. Here’s the event poster:

Since this event was pricy and neighborhood parking is a bitch and it was $10 to park in the event lot (not worth it) I decided to take the metro and then walk to the Jubilee.

As much as I complain about the high ticket prices I do like that they publicize where all the money goes. According to their website, this is the breakdown:

$10 Community Programs
$4 City Fees, Security and Insurance
$4 Adminisration
$1 Re-investment fund
$1 Marketing and Public Relations

I like to think the $10 is going toward the awesome events that I’ll get to write about for you all this year and not into someone’s pocket.

The event was stretched along Santa Monica (where is meets Sunset) and each end of the street had a big stage. The stages were far enough apart that you couldn’t hear the stage on the other end of the street. In between where a ton of food trucks/vendors and craft stands. There was also a smaller stage in the center of the line of food trucks where poetry was read all day. The comedy stage was inside Il Cid and went from 7-9p. The bands were constantly rotating on the stages and timed so that when one band finished that crowd would walk down to the other stage just in time to see a band starting up. It was timed excellently and meant that the crowd was always divided between two stages which prevented over crowding. It was very well organized and thought out.

The performance above was my favorite musical act of the day: Chasing Kings. This was my first time hearing them play (or even just knowing who they are) and I loved it. I loved it enough that when I got home I went to their website and downloaded their free sampler. That’s big for me, as I enjoy music but for me to go home and take the time to learn more about a new band means they must be pretty amazing. Check them out HERE. I’ve got my eye on them and I’ll let you know when I hear about them playing shows around LA.

The above photo is of the band The Mormons- Mobile Unit. Here is a video of them prepping for a different LA moving gig. I guess they couldn’t score any stage time, so they decided a stage wasn’t necessary.

The next band we saw worth mentioning was Lake. They were such hippies it was hilarious and they also have a really fun sound. I gotta give them credit for their music. They do this odd thing where they all change instruments (almost) between each song. They also sang a song which I am DYING to find. The song began like most songs do, somewhat ambiguous with lyrical analogies and as the song continued into the chorus we realized that they were all sexual metaphors. It was so funny because it was clearly a song meant to be taken seriously but the topic was just hilarious. If anyone knows the name of the song please email me at because I MUST know what it is.

The next band we saw was insane. Insane in a bad way. The above photo is of this insane band, Tearist. I don’t get it, I mean I really don’t get it. They were clearly experimental, which I get and respect, but there was no way that you could call what they did music. This band is a guy dj-ing and a girl just screaming nonsensically (and way off-key) in a way that just sounded like a mess. It hurt my ears worse than listening to mic feedback. I wish they warned us before the act came on stage. At least a warning sign that what we were about to hear was not meant for human consumption. It was so bad that Jamie and I ran out of there after one song and even way down by the other stage, couldn’t help but hear the noise ringing in our heads. I hate to say negative things, but that was the first time I wished I could un-hear sounds. I normally would link the band or attach a video of them, but then you would be tempted to listen to them, and you should NOT be hearing that. You really can’t un-hear it once you’ve heard them, and I love you too much to inflict that on you.

We saw more music that was all fun and we ate some greek food truck cuisine (yum). Then we went to Il Cid to get seats for the comedy show. I swear Chris O’Dowd was in the audience. You probably know him best as the male lead in Bridesmaids, but I know him from one of my favorite shows, The IT Crowd (Netflix it!).

Since the theater was small and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, I didn’t get photos of the comedy acts. But I can give you some of the deets.

Iliza Shlesinger was hosting the comedy event. She’s an Emerson Alum and I saw her perform at a reunion comedy event here in LA last year (I’m not an alum, but I everyone I know is so I was invited). I think she’s an excellent stand-up and a great representation of women in comedy.

Natasha Leggero performed that night. She wasn’t a crowd favorite, but I saw her do almost the exact same set again at Comedy Bang Bang last week and she was excellent. The second time around it was such a hit, but the first time not so much. you just never know how a joke will land.

Brent Weinbach performed too. He also came to Comedy Bang Bang the following week and did the same set. I have to say I really enjoyed seeing the same set twice.

Moshe Kasher did an awesome set. He really killed it. I’ve seen him perform at Comedy Bang Bang in the past, and he’s always been fun to watch. He’s just so animated, which is a big contrast to Brent Weinbach who is completely deadpan in his act.

TJ Miller was headlining. I love TJ Miller. I saw him perform once with Pete Holmes, Harris Wittles and others in what can only be described as a damp basement-esque rec-room next to a junk car yard in Silver Lake. Seriously. As sketchy as that location was, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in LA. All comedy should take place down a dark alley. Back to TJ- he based his whole set around his bikini body tee-shirt (where a woman’s body is spray painted on a shirt to make you look like you have that body). You could tell he did a lot off the cuff and he was a lot of fun. For those of you who don’t know TJ, here he is:

More comedians performed, but these were the highlights for me. When the comedy ended, the comedians stuck around to chat and drink out on the patio which was pretty cool of them. It was a little bit of a cluster-friggles (that’s my word for the f-word) trying to leave because they stopped letting people back into the main Jubilee event, which was only a problem because the shuttle pick up was on the other end of that closed off section. As much as the event itself was thought through completely, I think for 2013 they should rework the flow of how to allow people to leave at the end of the night. That would be my only event suggestion.

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