Little Next Door + LACMA

Last week the LACMA had FREE Monday during Memorial Day weekend. Remember how I told you about it in the Weekend Guide? So, did you get to go? I did!

I’m getting ahead of myself. My good friend Michelle and I decided that Monday was the perfect brunch and museum day. We decided that there were many tasty brunch spots on 3rd street, very close to the museum, where we could park a certainly find something new and fun. It was a brunch adventure!

Can you tell where we went based on the photo above (or the title of the post for that matter)? We went to The Little Door‘s sister cafe, Little Next Door. The title comes from the fact that the cafe is right next door to the hip restaurant. Little Next Door was adorable and affordable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not crazy cheap, but considering the atmosphere and quality of the food it was a great price. I ordered the smoked salmon eggs benedict which also came with a small salad ($14).

We loved the meal but the parking situation isn’t ideal. I ended up finding parking around West 4th and South Sweetzer Ave. It was free and a 2 hour max. This probably normally would have been enough time to eat brunch and walk back to the car, but we forgot exactly where the car was. Our scrambling up and down streets put me into a panic. LA’ers know how quickly ticketers work. We found the car and didn’t get ticketed, but it was a close one. On to the LACMA!

The LACMA is another parking issue. Free Monday’s mean free admission, but parking at the LACMA is $10, which is almost the price of brunch! Outrageous. If you want to go to the LACMA and don’t mind a little walking, there’s street parking along 6th street with only a few restrictions. The walk is totally worth the extra $10 in your pocket.

I finally got to see Chris Burden’s Metropolis II.

So cool to see all the modes of transportation moving around this city. The lines of traffic felt all too familiar to LA’s landscape. I just can’t fathom the construction of this city. Also, what do you do if a car falls off the track and into the center? Is it on hinges? It’s hard to tell from my photo, but there was a person on the inside of the city operating it. How did that person get into the city? So many questions. This metropolis is worth a visit.

Then we crossed over to the Resnik Pavilion. There was a fun exhibit called California Design, 1930-1965: “Living in a Modern Way”, which closed last weekend. We got in just under the wire. This exhibit included a wide range of clothing, graphics, architecture, and even transportation.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the recreation of the Eames House within the Pavillion (which of course, they didn’t allow photography). Something that most people probably don’t realize is that you can actually see the real Eames House here in the Pacific Palisades. Admission to the grounds is $10. As cool as the recreation at the LACMA was, the real thing is a unique experience and worth the $10. Check out the Eames Foundation website for all the deets.

Despite me being anti-Target, I do really enjoy their free holiday museum days. If you didn’t get to partake in this one, I’ll let you know when it’s free again. This day cost me a total of $14 (plus tax and tip) and I got a day full of activity, walks, and culture. I also highly recommend West 3rd Street, if you are looking for brunch spots. Little Next Door was really fun, but if you go and there is a wait just check out some of the other popular spots like Joan’s On Third, Doughboys, and Toast.

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