Hawaii Post 9: Crossing Food Off The List

To catch you up to speed:
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Post 2: Waikoloa to Hilo
Post 3: Hilo to Volcano Village
Post 4: Volcano Village to Kona
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Post 6: Lahaina + Trilogy Boating Excursion
Post 7: Ziplining + Maui Brewing Company
Post 8: The Road To Hana

This is my LAST Hawaii post, I swear, and it’s a shorty.

On our last day, we spent it relaxing by the beach and buying goodies to bring home to our  friends but we also had one last indulgence: food. I know what you’re thinking, we ate so much already what could we possibly add to the list? Oh boy…

We started our day by visiting the Gazebo Restaurant which was only a mile away from our condo. It’s right on the water and exactly like it sounds, a gazebo. It’s a favorite amongst everyone in the neighborhood and expect a line. But the best things in life are worth waiting for right?

It started raining while we were waiting in line to get in, and they had a special Gazebo umbrella stand with giant umbrellas waiting for us. That’s one think about Hawaii, one thing it’s raining and the next it’s perfect weather. You never know. Our day started rainy (it’s like Hawaii knew we were leaving!) and then ended up being a great last beach day.

After a tasty sandwich at the Gazebo, we walked across the sand to Napili Beach to enjoy our last swim. The water was so warm I couldn’t resist. And a sea turtle stopped by too. After a couple hours we left the beach to check into where my sister was staying for the remainder of her trip. While my friend and I had to head back to LA to face reality, my sister extended her trip through Memorial Day weekend. This meant that we had a place to wash off after our beach day, which worked out really well for us.

Now what time is it? Time for dessert! We decided to have dessert before dinner on our last day. If you think that sounds piggy, well it is. We stopped into Kimo’s (a Young House Love recommend) and caught their happy-hour drink specials and shared a massive macnut “hula pie”. It’s point “B” on the map. Yummy and huge so definitely share.

Now that dessert was out of the way, we made room for dinner. We stopped into Cool Cat Cafe where my sister and I split a veggie burger and our friend got a salad for the plane. We weren’t starving (obviously) but we knew we wouldn’t get to eat for another 8 hours.

We said our goodbyes to Lahaina, and she replied with a rainbow. Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

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