I’m Back!

Hilton Waikoloa- Budha Point

Hi All! I’m back after a crazy 11 day adventure exploring The Big Island and Maui in Hawaii. It’s been full of adventures, and by that I mean FULL. We certainly clocked some beach time, but we wanted to make the most of both islands so we packed our days. I took over 1500 photos, so I’m still going through figuring out which ones to share with you.

Sunrise in Hilo

I know that my blog is mostly about Los Angeles, with the exception of some New England travel and Milwaukee wedding fun, but I think sharing details from my Hawaii trip would be really helpful to people planning their own vacation (the same way we used Young House Love‘s blog to help with our planning). So if you could care less about Hawaii, just skip over the next 9 posts coming up this week and I’ll be back to sharing my usual LA business late next week (it’ll be June!).

Volcano Village- Hike Through The Crater

Hopefully you’re interested in Hawaii and the next few posts will be really helpful to you. Without going into overkill (did I mention 1500 photos?) I plan on sharing with you maps of the trek, food places you can’t miss (from restaurants to roadside stands), the clean inexpensive hotels (resorts, condos, and B+Bs) we stayed at, and the excursions that are worth the splurge of money and time (zip-lining, snorkeling, and waterfalls). The smallest amount I can condense it to is 9 posts, while still sharing all the important details with you. If you want more details about a particular place, leave comments and I’ll happily tell you more.

One of many turtles on Punalu’u Black Sand Beach (Big Island)

While I do miss Hawaii, it’s good to be home and I missed you all too.

Another amazing Maui sunset.


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