Secret Stair Walk #2: Eagle Rock

It’s about time I shared a secret stair walk with you! You know the spiel, it’s my goal to do all 42 walks from Charles Fleming’s Secret Stairs book in 2012, and you should buy the book and do it with me!

Now back to business… after making a much needed trek to the Container Store in Pasadena (which is so organized it’ll blow your mind), I needed a break from all my home organizing and decided to stop in Eagle Rock on my way home. This walk begins along Colorado Blvd. I’m not gonna lie.. it was a tad sketchy and Im pretty sure I saw a drug deal. But hey, if I wanted to play it safe I would be sitting at home right? Nope, not me. I was keepin’ it real.

One of the things I think about on these walks are all of my senses. This was a walk that began with a bad smell and after 30 minutes I was up in the hills with the aroma of flowers. Such a range of scents.

This dog was so photogenic, he deserved to make the blog. He also has a similar albino coloring (light nose) to my childhood dog Beeche (a bichon frise).

Higher into the hills I went. The homes were so charming. High, way-off in the distance is the rumble of the 134. You can see it following the edge of the mountain side from almost every point on this walk.

This neighborhood, while similar to other hilly LA area walks, had an indefinable quality to it. Most of the homes had pets. Many people were home and I could see the elderly home owners and hear their blaring tvs. I could also tell by the packed yards of many of the homes, hoarding is a problem in this neighborhood. I also came across a house with tons of hummingbird feeders, and the birds zooming in and out. It was really special. This neighborhood felt very real compared to some of the other walks I’ve done.

There’s a creativeness in this neighborhood and I saw many cars proudly displaying “I heart Eagle Rock” bumper stickers. I didn’t include photos of this (because I didn’t want to be creepy) but when I walked by a school yard with a group of ten year old boys, one of them yelled out “You’re awfully pretty… don’t worry, it’s the good kind of awful.” It made me smile.

Up hills and down hills. More and more stairs. I must say, for a walk that got off to a little bit of a rough start, where I could tell I was being watched, this walk turned out to be excellent. I love when that happens. When a neighborhood walk begins stereotypically to its rep, and by the end I feel right at home.

I was heading back toward the start of the walk, when a gentleman passed me and said, “I love when I see a person with that secret stair book”. We got to talking, as he knows Charles Fleming (the author of the walk book) and he gave me his card. This was Bob Inman, the author of another secret stair book: A Guide To The Public Stairs of Los Angeles. He was very nice and mentioned how he works with Dan Koeppel to organize the Parade of Stairs walks that take place throughout the year. If you are interested in doing group stair walks with great guides and other LA walkers, friend The Big Parade Los Angeles¬†on facebook. They have their giant walk coming up, which unfortunately I will be in Hawaii for but thankfully they do training walks all the time. I can’t wait to join in the fun. It feels serendipitous that I met Bob Inman.. of all the possible walks and what are the odds that he is there as I walk by. This is also the 10th walk where someone talks to me who knows Charles. I must meet him.

Just after I talked to Bob I passed a rooster coup! This town is so full of surprises.

Of course I had to share with you at least one close up of the awesome graphics and textures along Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock. Another very successful walk and a great dose of vitamin d.

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