Bootleg Theater

Did my expose on raccoon stare-downs blow your mind yesterday? I know- only hard hitting stories here at Life Absorbed!

Well on Monday night I hit-up the Bootleg Theater in Echo Park (on Beverly near Alvarado) to see Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die. If you’re a fan of the blog, you know of my love for this band (specifically the drummer) as I’ve writen about them here and of course here. Also, what better way to celebrate my first weekday of funemployment, then to stay out late and go see my favorite local band?

I didn’t bring my camera, for obvious drawing-attention-to-myself reasons, so I only got in a couple bad cell phone pics. I went with two of my friends and I totally screwed up the times. I thought DSoWD (terrible abbreviation that I must apologize for) went on at 8pm, so we arrived casually late at 8:10p. We walk in to a basically empty room, accept Harris Wittels (said drummer and full-time dream boat) was walking around with his backpack on. Considering I thought we were ten minutes late.. I was a bit confused. We got a table and chairs (the perk of screwing up and being crazy early) and chatted. We kept seeing people in costumes running in and out of the room. There was a lady in a white unitard, an old man with a backpack, a guy dressed as a clown, a super short young girl… and more. They kept running excitedly from one door to the next. Then they brought out trays full of chinese take-out boxes. They ran into one door and came back with empty trays. Who ate all that Chinese food??? SO MANY QUESTIONS! We were intrigued to say the least. Eventually, one of the doors was propped open and we could hear tons of clapping. We had no clue there was a back room, which turned out to be a filled theater. We must have seen the actors running in and out. I don’t know what play this was, but check that place out.

Finally around 8:45(?) The Californian came on stage to perform. I had also thought that DSoWD was up first, so this was very confusing too. Since I had seen HArris, and then later saw Paul Rust (bass) and Michael Cassady (piano) running around I knew the band would go on eventually. The Californian was a new band to me and my friends and we enjoyed listening to them. Here’s my crappy cell photo:

Then Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die came on and they were great. I love watching them perform live and I know they have another cd in the works which I am very excited about. They played some of their classics, I Got A Perm For Our Camping Trip, Austin and Ace, The Ballad of Bird and Fox (Which they opened with), and Central PArk (my second favorite of all their songs). They played some new ones which I’m sure will be on the upcoming album. They didn’t play my favorite song, Once In Awhile, but they played a great set and I was glad I got to see them. They’ve been doing more shows lately so Ill let you know when they have another one. Here’s a crappy cell photo I took and then tried to adjust so you can actually make their bodies out.

We ended up staying for one song of the following band, Harriet. This band is doing their residency at Bootleg and will be there every Monday. Before they performed, they brought a lot of ferns on stage. Like a lot. Like too many ferns. Also they had their own canvas backing and brought in up lighting. It was quite a presentation. The thing that put it over the top for us, was the lead singer in camo-fatigues and a shirt tied around his head in a half-turban style. It looked like a bad Nam flashback. Their music was good, but we were tired and to watch this lead singer (who also repeatedly asked the house to change the sound for them) was too much of a diva for a free show. This guy clearly thought he deserved a grammy for having his shirt wrapped around his head. It’s too bad, because the music was pretty good but we as a group agreed that it was time to go.

3 thoughts on “Bootleg Theater

  1. Thank you for being such an awesome supporter of the band! We had to cut Once in Awhile due to time constraints. I dont know if you heard me announce that we had one more song left when in fact we had zero, but thats what happened. Anyway, keep truckin.

    -Said drummer and full-time dreamboat

    • Hi Harris,
      Thank you for reading and posting a comment! I first saw your band perform at Comedy Death Ray’s Xmas pre-show (2 years ago?) and I’ve been listening ever since. Can’t wait to hear the next album and see you guys play more around LA.
      P.S. Your awesomeness in posting a comment has elevated you to dream-yacht status.

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