Shakey Graves at Hotel Cafe

Last Thursday night, instead of doing my usual walk or gym visit, I decided to meet up with some friends in Hollywood for a fun night out. We started at Hotel Cafe. I’d never been before but it’s been on my radar for a while. We arrived at 6:50p for a 7pm show. To get in it’s $5 for the night, which is a pretty good deal. We were there early enough to get seats (there were only 6 tables, so that was pretty lucky).

The band we were there to see was Shakey Graves. When I agreed to go, it was based on my friend sending me a link to some of Shakey Graves music which sounded great, but I knew nothing other than that. You can bet I was very surprised when this band turned out to be one guy. Check out THIS link to hear his music. It’s so hard to believe that that music comes out of 1 person! It’s one guy who plays the guitar and has a drum built into a suitcase that he props-up behind him with a kick stand attached linking to his right leg. And his left leg is kicking a kickstand connected to a tambourine.

Here he is setting up the drum and tambourine. It was wild. The coordination alone to play 3 instruments at once, and still sing well. So good. Check out his stuff, I’m sure he’ll be a big star someday.


**FYI- Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die is playing a FREE show at Bootleg next Monday (5/7)! I’ve never been to that venue before, so if you can’t make the show, check in early next week for a full blog report.

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