HBO’s The Newsroom

I know I don’t talk about my work much, because I do have my secrets, but I do want to share with you the project I’ve been working on for the last year. As you might know, I’m an Art Department Coordinator who works in television out in LA. While my job has unique perks, it is very much a job. When you take the celebrity factor out of it, it’s your average office job (although we have our fun). Some people think working in Hollywood is all glamour and parties constantly. It’s really not. But, there is one party perk to working in the industry: wrap parties.

Last night I attended the wrap party for the show I’m just finishing up, it’s HBO’s “The Newsroom“. Wrap parties are a celebration of the creation of a season of work. We work crazy long hours to make tv for you lovely folks, and when a season comes to an end we celebrate all the hard work we put into the last 6 months with a fancy gathering. Ours was at BOA in West Hollywood. Think open bar and delicious food with your coworkers.

I’ve never been to BOA before (it’s normally a steak house, when it’s not closed for private events).

This photo above was taken from their website, and below was a photo I took while Aaron Sorkin and Alan Poul were giving their touching speeches and sharing an awesome blooper reel. I’m normally not a blooper person, but this one was fantastic. You’ll have to get the season on DVD when it comes out to see it. Truly hilarious.

Open bar meant lemon-drop martinis and champagne. Yum. I was really impressed with the turn out.

The food was unbelievable. Sushi Roku was serving up fresh handrolls and there was a pasta station, meat station, and the piece de resistance, the dessert station. This was all in addition to the waiters walking around with a huge selection of ors devours and dessert trays. I had a warm churro dipped in chocolate and a fried pbj sandwich bite dipped an a special jam. All the desserts were mini, so there was no guilt in trying many of them. They had cake pops, strawberry shortcake, and lemon meringue bites. It was so tasty.

Probably the most fun thing (second of course to getting to cut loose with the 100+ people that work on the show) was the photo station. They set up a green screen and used some of the graphics that we use in the show (The Newsroom is a TV show about a news show). They had props and even printed out copies on the spot so you could save the pics. We had a blast with that! You can imagine with an open bar, those shots got very creative. I’ve decided to include one of me and my sister below. (I’m on the left):

I spent all day Saturday trying on tons of dresses before I settled on the one you see in the photo. I ended up getting it from Foreign Exchange. Online it says the dress is $22, but in the store I paid $37 since I needed to get it that day. I love this dress. I’m sure I will get great use out of it. Check out the 360 degree shots from the website.

I also broke my one rule: don’t shop at Target. I’m super anti-Target, but I was having a hard time finding the look of the shoe I wanted. On a whim and against my better judgment I looked in a Target. Sure enough they had exactly what I was looking for and for a good price. Curses. I broke my one rule and bought something at Target. Don’t worry, this was a one time thing and I do not intend on going back there anytime soon. Plus when I went through the check out line, the 20 minute wait when I was second in line was my punishment for shopping there. Anyway, I had to share my shoes because I really liked them with this dress.

They were classy yet club/WeHo appropriate. They felt very Kate Middleton-esque. Since I’ve been chewing your ear off about The Newsroom, I need to share this trailer with you. Hope you enjoy at check it out on HBO this summer!


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