The California Science Center

Sorry about the temporary glitch. Today internet has been spotty to say the least, so I’m trying to make up for it (after a night out on the town in Hollywood). So where did I last leave off? Oh yes…

After reaching my limit of literary intake for the day, I crossed the street to walk through the Exposition Park Rose Garden (which smelled great as you can imagine) and made my way over to the California Science Center. Did I mention it is FREE!? FREE!

Payment is donation based so it doesn’t break the bank. When I walked in, I actually bumped into Jack Black with his family. It was pretty adorable. Considering how animated Jack Black is, his parents(?) were surprisingly low energy. As a comedy nerd, I thought that was pretty cool.

The California Science Center has a McDonalds and a gift shop on the first floor, and planes hanging overhead in the center of a three story atrium.

This center is amazing. AMAZING. It even has a rock-wall for children. How cool is that? You can tell this place spared no expense when designing exhibits for children. There are wind tunnels, 3D movies (for an extra cost), wave pools, live animals, interactive exhibits about Los Angeles and the human body. I went as a single adult and had a blast. It’s great for kids of all ages.

Do you see the live animal in the photo, who also shows up on the heat sensor cameras? In this exhibit you find the live lizards and turtles but using heat detection.

For a few dollars, you can ride on the exhibit above. It’s a bicycle that uses balance and gravity to keep the rider on the tight rope… three stories up! It’s scary, but you won’t fall.

There are live fish swimming in giant wave pool tanks. There were several animal exhibits similar to the Long Beach Aquarium, only the LB Aquarium costs significantly more than this center and is much further away.

If you live in LA and haven’t been here, you have no excuse. Now that you know how awesome it is, come check it out!

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