The Local Peasant

On Saturday I joined up with my good friend Amber for a visit to the Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks (on Ventura). I parked in the Ralph’s across the street to avoid the valet charge. Ralphs has signs saying they offer free parking up to 2 hours, although it’s not metered and no one takes a ticket… so I’m not sure how they track that. I highly recommend parking there. I crossed Ventura looking for the entrance, and looped around to the valet area. Still a little lost, I followed a couple who just valeted their car, as the went back to the street and found a practically unmarked entrance. The door had a faint graphic of the logo, but other than that there was nothing suggesting an entrance. So hidden.

The restaurant had window booths (although the windows have diffusion on them, making it practically opaque and only letting in the glow of the street lights), and also long bar style tables. Amber and I took a corner booth. We met up at 6pm for an early dinner, and you can see from the photo of the restaurant it was only starting to fill with patrons.

Amber was a little disappointed that they no longer had two of the items that she enjoyed a lot the first time she came, but in fairness to the Local Peasant, the food they brought was delicious. I got the portobello burger. I normally am hit-or-miss with portobello, and this was so tasty. It had an onion ring in it, which added a crunch. The avocado added a creaminess to it and made for a beautiful presentation. I mean, this is a bar and yet not your average bar food. It also had tomatoes and sprouts with a topping of fresh mozzarella and a pesto drizzle. OMG, so good.

Did I mention it was cheap, around $20 total for the meal, beer and tip? After the bill was payed and it was time to part ways, I grabbed this photo along Ventura waiting to walk back to my car. The sky has been especially dramatic lately. At least it makes for some beautiful commutes home after work.

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