Brunch at Canele

This past Saturday I joined two lovely ladies for a yummy brunch at Canele. This adorable restaurant is so hidden amongst the shops along Glendale Blvd. Even the logo blends into the painted brick behind it. I’m so glad this was suggested as a brunch spot.

Canele is not very large, and the kitchen is open so you can see the food being prepared. This is such a good idea for restaurants. While waiting for a table we could see all the pancakes (although they looked like souffl├ęs) and sweet breads baking and we knew we HAD to order one. This oven also made the whole place smell like a bakeshop. Such a great marketing technique. How can you sit there smelling the food, and watching these scrumptious dishes baking and not order one?

We all ordered eggs in the hole. I’m pretty sure this was my first egg-hole ever. The bread was so good and whatever light salad dressing they used was the perfect touch.

We all ordered a pancake dish to share which was perfect for three of us. It had a dollop of sweet lemon flavored cream on top. Can you believe this is their pancake? It was so… three-dimensional and yummy.

The whole cafe was adorable. They have their dinner menu in chalk on the wall. In the photo below you can see the blonde hair of the writer of the blog, Designlovefest. Yay, fellow bloggers! My friend also pointed out that an actor from the Wire was dining at the counter across from us. Who knew Canele was such a secret hot-spot?

The weather was so beautiful that after brunch I walked around Glendale Blvd looking into shops. I even stopped into a yarn shop participating in the Yarn Crawl that happened last weekend (I wrote about it in my Weekend Guide).

If Canele doesn’t sound like your scene, take a walk around the neighborhood because there are plenty of cute cafes to check out. I’ll be back!

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