Secret Stair Walk #32: Fern Dell + Immaculate Heart

Last weekend I also did stair walk #32 from my book, Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming. This walk begins across from Trails Cafe in Griffith Park. This time I didn’t stop in because of the long line, but I’ve been here before and it is unbelievable. I’ve had their avacado sandwich before which was so tasty I still think about it and salivate. I found this photo on their Yelp page:

This photo I took on my walk:

After I forced myself not to stop in at Trails, I continued on along a Disney looking walkway that lead me out of Griffith Park. Even the handrails were made to look like logs. So clever and cute.

It was like something out of the Jungle Kingdom at Disney World.

Eventually I made my way completely out of the park and down to the busy road of Franklin. It went from peaceful to car horn stressful in a matter of minutes.

But before I knew it I was back up into the hills on some hidden stairs. It was quiet once again and the views were great.

A long set of secret stairs put me out on a street with this castle/fortress looking down on me. The book says Nicholas Cage used to live here and that doesn’t surprise me.

At this point I was high up in “The Oaks” neighborhood (Brangelina lives somewhere here). Can you find the secret mailbox along the secret stair walk?

Such a gorgeous day! Perfect for observing the Observatory.

Rich people and their imported beautiful flowers:

It was when I was across from this house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, that I ran into a couple also scouring for secret stairs too. I love when I meet fellow stair walkers.

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