Monday Teaser

Before I tease you with all the awesome blog posts I have coming up this week, I must tell you about my Friday night dinner at Katsu-ya. It was amazing. They definitely do completely unique things with sushi that make it all worth the cost.

Remember THIS NIGHTMARE? Well, as I vowed, we didn’t attend the Studio City Katsuya and instead drove the extra distance to the Encino sister restaurant. It was larger than the Studio City location and cheaper than the giant Glendale Katsuya. We made the right choice. We had reservations an only waited a little while when we got there. This branch actually had a waiting area (As opposed to the walkway at the Studio City location. Parking was also super easy.

The above photo is of two “normies” (aka normal people) but I’m including it to show the decor.

O.M.G. Spicy tuna on crispy rice. So good. So good. Okay, enough freaking out like a fat kid at a buffet. On to bigger things. I want to give you a taste of the week to come:

Yup! I did stair walks!

Mt. Baldy? Yup! What was I doing there? Check back this week to find out. Lastly…

El Cid!


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