The Brickyard Pub in NoHo

This past Saturday night (after my walks) I made my way over to North Hollywood to visit the new bar Brickyard Pub. This billiards hall was recently re-done and opened under new ownership (I’m pretty sure). This bar has nothing on tap, it’s all beer bottles.. but it’s a zillion bottles. It looks like a Bevmo.

They don’t serve food, but they have visiting food trucks chilling out front so get some yummy nosh and bring it inside to enjoy at one of their long tables. Did I mention this place is pretty giant? The front room has a giant bar in the center and the back room is another giant room filled with billiards tables, and some beer pong tables.

You have to pay to play, but the first 30 minutes of table shuffleboard is free. They have 2 shuffleboard tables, 3 dart boards (it’s like a quarter to play), and zillions of pool tables ($10 per hour, I think).

Last Saturday I was there for a friends birthday gathering. It worked out perfectly with the long picnic tables they have set-up. They don’t serve food, so we were able to bring our own cupcakes to share. It was pretty great. I also ran into a few friends who live in the neighborhood. In fact, I have another birthday gathering there next weekend. I’m excited to go back.

I took the above photo playing shuffleboard. It was awesome. My only negative with this bar is that there isn’t a parking lot, and expect scramble to park in the neighborhoods around North Hollywood or many blocks north at the metro station. Plan accordingly (bring a rape whistle) and carpool.

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