Secret Stair Walk #30: Franklin Hills Lyric Loop

If you can’t already tell from my teaser, I made the Franklin Hills my bitch this weekend. Yup, I said it. My Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent doing two Franklin Hills walks from my book, Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming. During the two walks a few people saw my book and loudly said “You’re doing walks from Charles’ book!”. He must be a local. One of these people had two cute puppies named Goliath and Caesar. So cute. Any who, back to the walk.

I starting the walk around 10am (?) on Saturday. It was early enough that the morning clouds hadn’t lifted yet (note the gray photos at the start of the walk) but late enough that people were waking up and making breakfast. It’s funny how certain smells and sounds are associated with breakfast. It was fun seeing people start their day. Did I just admit to breakfast lurking? Never.

There were hidden gardens along this walk. It was a good workout, had great views and was a fun cheap way to be outside. I did a lot of people watching. Not just people starting their day, but as the sun came out everything became more colorful, and people aired out their homes opening windows, loudly playing music, and doing yard work.

“GRRRRR! I GUARD THE STAIRS!” says the toy transformer at the top of the steps.

You will see dolphins if you do this walk in the Franklin Hills. Fact.

Notice the NYC plates on the I heart NY Ice Cream Truck.

The below photo is of a gorgeous castle-esque home. When I turned the corner to see this home, I was greeted with the sound of an Operatic rehearsal. It was unbelievable. At first I thought someone was playing a cd with the windows open, but as I got closer I could tell the piano was being played in person and that Operatic singing was coming from a woman standing by the big window. It was really special to stumble upon.

SO many stairs! Such a great workout and view. I was huffing and puffing for sure.

Once I was out of the hills and back on Hyperion Ave, it went from the quiet sounds of neighborhood living to the rushing noise of the main drag.

I decided to caffeine-up after the intense stair walk, so I stopped at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe along the walk. It was a cute place with yummy looking croissants, but I’m watching my wallet and my weight, so I opted for just the iced coffee. The couple (?) who was working behind the counter saw my book and were very supportive of my walking goals. They actually sell Charles’ book in the cafe. Attached to the cafe is a cute little theatre. I’ll have to subscribe to their email list and see a show there. I’ll keep you posted.

After a refreshing break, I went back on my way to start another walk. Check back soon to read about the next one!

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