Happy Wednesday

I’m sorry this week has been so lacking in the blog world. This past weekend was rainy, so I did my taxes and stayed in (other than on St. Patty’s). I’ve been getting back into extreme exercise in preparation for my Color Run. There’s still time to sign-up! It’s a traveling event, so check the schedule to see when it’s happening near you.

For those of you in the comedy-know, you’ve probably already heard, but yesterday Aziz Ansari (NBC’s Parks and Rec and awesome stand-up comedian) posted his new 1-hour stand-up special, Dangerously Delicious, on his website and it’s for sale for $5. He paid for the whole thing himself, which means he pockets 100% of the sales, which is why he can sell it for so cheap ($5!!). Louis C.K. did this, and Aziz is following in his footsteps. Check out THIS link to get the special!

I have a crazy weekend ahead, so I’ll have a ton to update you on next week. I promise. Happy Wednesday!

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