St. Patty’s @ Fred 62 and 1739 Public House

Happy Belated Saint Patrick’s Day!
Did everyone enjoy behave themselves on Saturday night? The rain finally let up, and I celebrate St. Patty’s as well as my good friends birthday. We started with a birthday dinner in Los Feliz at Fred 62. This was an awesome decision. The menu was huge which gave our group of 7 a ton to choose from, they had booths large enough to fit our party, and they have a hipster-diner vibe. The service was excellent. Unfortunately, I only got 2 decent cell phone pics, but their website (HERE) has a ton of great shots of the place.

The prices were reasonable and the food delicious. I got the “hippie sandwich” which came with a dinner salad and was only $8.

Yum! This place is on Vermont and happens to be walking distance from some awesome shops and bars. This is a great place to get a filling cheap meal, and then hit the bars. In fact, The Dresden is only a block away :).

After our dinner, we walked down 2 blocks to 1739 Public House, which was packed with people. This was at just about 8pm. You could tell the crowd had this place packed from the moment they opened. I mean it was St. Patty’s and all. Thankfully we snagged a couple tables that eventually became the whole front section of the bar. They ran out of green beer around 9pm. Party foul. Unfortunately, it was so dark in there, my cell phone pictures are indecipherable. Oh well. You’ll just have to go and see it for yourself. I ordered the Old Rasputin (duh, my favorite) which was around $6.50. We planned on bar hopping, but since we had a great spot to fit our massive party (tons of people stopped in), we stayed put. They were also really into celebrating St. Patty’s at Public House. They had an Irish band playing and even a guy with bagpipes just dropped in. This was the bagpipe guy’s one day of the year to be the belle of the ball. He was like Santa on Christmas Eve. Everyone had a blast, and it was a really cheap night of fun. I stayed until 1(?) which meant Los Feliz provided me with 6+ hours of fun.

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