ColLAboration: Winterfest @ The Belasco

This past Sunday I joined my friends Lindsey and Amber for ColLAboration‘s Winterfest at The Belasco in downtown LA. The event went from 12-5pm, and since Amber already owns 2 CoLAboration (which is basically your ticket in) all we needed to do was buy $5 beer coins (each coin gets you a glass full).

This was an awesome event. We all had such a good time. We got there just after noon and waited in a long but fast moving line. This was the first time we had ever been to The Belasco. The lighting was so low, most of my photos didn’t come out in focus, but click the link above for their website filled with nice looking professional pics. Here are my photos:

This photo was taken while waiting to get into the theater. The Belasco is right next to the Mayan Theater. We also bought our beer coins from Tony Yanow (owner of Tony’s Darts Away).

The theater was so well maintained. I got the feeling that when there aren’t any performances they use this space as a nightclub, but it was so much cleaner than a nightclub. Once inside, we made our rounds to all the different bars. There were 3 bar stations (?) inside the main theater, 1 bar set-up on the beer pong patio outside, and a side bar in a separate room (where they also served food). Amber and I each got 2 coins, so we had to use them wisely.

After scoping out all the options, I went with Lagunitas Cappuccino beer. I’ve been wanting to try it and now was the perfect opportunity. We brought our drinks to the beer pong patio to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather. Eventually the place got more and more crowded and our tanning/drinking patio became the smoking patio (not fun for us non-smokers).

We went back into the main theater where they were showing a movie on three giant screens. I want to say it was Beerfest? But I have no clue. It was time for beer two around this time and we got into a line where they were serving The Bruery Chocosaurus Rye. Amazing. I mean with a name like that, you know it’s going to be delicious and dinosaursy. Try this beer if you have the chance.

Each bar had these bulletin boards. As they ran out of beer they would swap it for something else and change the board. This meant that a bar would change one, and tons of people would flock to that bar. You could tell which bar had the rarest beer because they also had the longest line. I know what you’re thinking, I paid money to wait in lines and be annoyed by smokers. Not at all. Waiting in the lines was really fun. We got to meet strangers who also love beer. Most people worked for bars, breweries, or home brewed. It was great to have conversations with new people who all have this common hobby. Such a collaboration! (titular moment)

We ended up staying for hours and buying more beer coins, of course. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday. Eventually we had to sober-up, so we said farewell to our new friends and walked over to Bottega Louie for their portobello fries and pizza. Yum. I’m eagerly awaiting the next (Spring?) ColLAboration event and will update on the details so you too can partake in the beer celebrations!

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