The Federal + Republic of Pies

This past Saturday night, my sister and I did our usual Toluca Lake walk and then made our way over to The Federal in North Hollywood (by Lankershim and Magnolia, for locals). I’ve been meaning to go for a long time, since it was turned from a bank, into a nightclub, into a restaurant. Also somewhere in that time line there was a fire, but at any rate, it’s awesome now.

We went around 7pm on a Saturday night and enjoyed a 20 minute wait at the back bar. My sister isn’t a beer person, but I convinced her to share the stout sampler with me. In the photo above, from left to right, we got a blueberry beer, an Old Rasputin, Eagle Rock’s Solidarity, and a Thelonius (my sisters favorite of the bunch).

Our wait wasn’t long, and we got a great seat near the back bar. As it got closer to 8pm the bar went from that one dude (in the photo above) to being packed. My sister got the veggie burger and I got the veggie hot dog to which both of us loved it.

After The Federal, we needed to get a walk in before we left, so we walked around the corner along Magnolia to check out the new pie shop (Republic of Pie) that everyone keeps telling me about.

It’s an adorable coffee/tea shop that specializes in pies ranging from chicken pot pie to apple pie. They have lots of comfy indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for the Starbucks-writer crowd. We happened to walk in around 9pm on the night of their official opening night, where they had an open mic night in celebration.

We missed the show, but got to see the set-up. It totally has a Central Perk vibe. Can’t you see Phoebe up there singing smelly cat?

There are windows that open into the kitchen, so you can see the pies being made. I love when you can see into the kitchen because then you know it’s clean.

I included one menu shot, to show you all the variety they carry. If you work in the area, definitely stop by for lunch.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for a post about CoLAboration (that happened this past Sunday) and per usual, the Weekend Guide for all cool, fun, cheap things happening this weekend!

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