Secret Stairs #26: Cove-Loma Vista Loop

This past Saturday, after I finished walk #23, Astro Loop, I stopped into Starbucks for a passion iced tea and continued walking on to walk #26, Cove Loma Vista Loop. Buy the book my walks are based off, Secret Stairs LA and you can also experience these gorgeous walks. This loop was similar to walk #28 East Silver Lake from Erin Mahoney Harris’s book Walking L.A..

This walking tour shows a great variety of Silver Lake. It begins along a busy street with cute independent shops and fun bars like Cha Cha’s Lounge and The Red Lion.

This walk also includes an architecture tour exploring Richard Neutra’s work.

It was so beautiful out on Saturday. A perfect walking day.

The photo above I took when I did Erin Mahoney Harris’s walk through the neighborhood. I use it for the website banner, so I thought I would share the full picture here.

The above photo is a great example of Richard Neutra‘s work. In fact this neighborhood is packed with great Neutra buildings and you even pass his headquarters (now run by his son Dion) along the Secret Stair walk.

Such great views.

The above photo is of the Burrows Residence built in 1921 and designed by Charles Whittlesey. It’s clearly inspired by Antoni Gaudi and stands out in this neighborhood.

The other cool thing is that this walk takes you up by houses that are only accessible from these secret stairs. The roads are so steep that roads don’t even go to some of these places. Can you imagine every morning and night you have to go down several flights of exterior stairs to get to your car? Or move-in day? I have no clue how you could get a mattress up so many flights of steep exterior stairs that in some cases, are covered with low hanging branches.

The graffiti along this walk is pretty awesome. I found the above little sticker on a sign in Silver Lake. This Andre the Giant Has A Posse is a campaign by Shepard Fairey (fellow RISD alum). He’s most known for his Obama posters.

This staircase above was seen in An Ache in Every Stake, where the Three Stooges fell down these steps.

A pretty wild garden along the Silver Lake stairs. This picture sums up this walk. I highly recommend it on a beautiful day.

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