Saturday Morning Hike, Seafood + Beer

After a late night at the Dresden (catch up HERE), I rushed home, blogged (of course), and hit the hay for my early morning hike. I picked up my friends Lindsey and Stephanie and we met up with Amber in the Valley for our Malibu adventure.

Amber is awesome at being spontaneous and making adventures, so when plans were made she said “Wanna hike on Saturday?” and I said “when and where”. As Amber drove the 4 of us to our Malibu hike, it was getting cloudy and she said we were making a pit stop, and lucky for me she brought her “L.A. Bizarro” book. We got off the 101 in Agora Hills and drove slowly by “Trout Dale” (page 327 for book owners). It’s around this time that I realized that I brought my camera but not the battery that allows the camera to be anything other than a hunk of plastic and metal. So all photos in the update are cell phone pics, or images I found online.

This photo (taken from their website) makes it look so much bigger than it is. To explain, Trout Dale is a place where families come to fish… and by place, I mean man-made kiddy pool stocked with fish fillets.

We drove on past Trout Dale (it hadn’t opened yet), and continued on to Peter Strauss Ranch. This was just a short detour, but it was a cool park/trailhead/retired-pool.

Here is a map of the trails. We did not hike here, but we did see the “historic pool”, the Ranch House, the Terrazzo Dance Floor, and Aviary.

This ranch was pretty cool. They had a huge amphitheater that is now covered in grass that makes it look even cooler than it did back in the day. If you are going to check out Trout Dale you HAVE to drive the extra 1 minute down the road to scope out the Peter Strauss Ranch. Do a hike there, or just do a 5 minute walk around the property. Across the street from this ranch is the Old Place (western looking saloon also in the LA Bizarro book) and the Cornell Winery and Tasting Room. You could do some damage here, as a hike, saloon and winery are all within 50 feet from each other.

Looking at a map now, I can see we were SO close to the Paramount Ranch (where Westerns are born). I’ll be back there, as I need to see that place:

We jumped back in the car and headed to our destination: Corral Canyon Park. This trail begins in the parking lot of Malibu Seafood. Street parking along the PCH is easy enough, that you don’t need to pay the parking fee. Also, if youre smart like us, time it so that when the hike ends it’s meal time and you’re at Malibu Seafood!

The hike had great views of the ocean, as you’re across the street from the ocean. It was beautiful out, and I hope you all got out there and hiked.

The hike was maybe a 3 mile loop. It wasn’t challenging, but it was a great way to spend the morning with good friends getting some exercise.

We finished and celebrated with an 11am seafood lunch. Yummy.

This was our view from one of their outdoor booths. You know a seafood place is good when the doors open at 11am and there is already a line. We were there first but not long after all the booths were taken.

We decided to cap off our expedition with a stop at Lady Face Alehouse on the way home. They had cheap tasters, so we each tried a couple and shared to maximize the tasting. They brew the beer there as there are vats in the dining area. The food menu looked yummy, but we were still full off seafood. They also had a drum set in the corner of the dining area, which I imagine is for live music. It was a cool place. It started to get cold and cloudy so we sat indoors instead of their giant outdoor patio. This place looked pretty fun. Maybe Ill stop in again when I’m back in the Agora Hills area.

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