Plug: Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die

Before I tell you about Saturday’s activities, I need to promote one of my favorite bands, Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die. They are the guests on this weeks Comedy Bang Bang Podcast. The band is made up Harris Wittels (my comedy crush), Paul Rust (adorable), and Michael Cassady (crazy talented musucian). They are a comedy band that plays great music and they are so fun to watch perform. Their EPs are available on itunes for purchase and I recommend it.

I took this photo at a show they played in the back room of Meltdown Comics last year. One of my favorite songs are “Once In A While”, which I like to think is from the point-of-view of a NYC pet dog (although I don’t think it’s meant to be). I can totally picture the music video for that. I love blasting it in my car while loudly singing along. It’s a great pump-up song. My other favorite song of theirs is “Central Park”. These songs are less “funny” but I think they make really great unique songs, and the band performs them really well.

Okay, enough gushing for me. Go listen to the podcast HERE to hear more comedy and music from the band. They play shows around LA sometimes, and I’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows, as I intend to be there in the front row. I’ll leave you with their music video for their song “I Got A Perm For Our Camping Trip”.

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