Weekend Guide Feb 10 + 11 +12

I am so ashamed. Yes, I know it’s Friday. Yes, work was insane. Yes, it’s been go-go-go until this very moment (12:30am). Friday is officially over, and I haven’t posted the Weekend Guide. Shame doesnt begin to describe how I feel for not posting the guide today, yet I’ve spent a night out doing things that you’ll get to read about this week. Doesn’t that make it all okay?

So here’s the shortest most abrupt Weekend Guide ever, and only the bullet points.

FRIDAY Feb 10:
Well this day ended and I hope you did amazing things.

Silverlake Craft and Vintage is having a special Valentines edition this weekend. Food trucks? Cool clothes? Good people watching? There’s something for everyone!

Need more cool jewelry? More hipster watching time? Local Love Event (aka Unique LA) is having their Local Love event on Saturday AND Sunday. It’s $10 at the door (money goes to charity) and it’s located at the California Market Center.

SUNDAY Feb 12:

At 11am the Hammer Museum is showing the film Jason and the Argonauts. This is a family event, so this will be a kid-full event. Keep that in mind.

If you’re into theater, A Jew Grows in Brooklyn is playing on Sunday at the American Jewish University. Get tickets HERE!

I apologize again for the short + late post, as I haven’t looked through all zillion emails I get everyday. But I still managed to find you some weekend fun that should keep you busy. My eyelids are closing, as I need to be up in a few hours for a fun hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Happy weekend!

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