Rock Climbing @ Hanger 18

Saturday morning I decided to use my groupon, and also cross a 2012 resolution off my list. I went indoor rock climbing! For new people to the blog, you should know I have a huge fear of heights. I spent a lot of 2011 trying to overcome this fear, so indoor rock climbing was a good test for me.

The groupon was good for 2 people to be taught by an instructor as well as equipment rental good for a full day. My friend Lindsey joined me as well as Amber and Adam (although they skipped the class portion, as they are pros).

It was scary high.

Harnesses are extremely unflattering, but I had to face some tough fears to rock climb, so Im including even the worst photos. Here I am tying the knot to begin belaying for Lindsey. The knot was my favorite part of rock climbing, because I was really good at it and my feet were always on the ground when tying it.

In the photo below, Amber is belaying for Adam who is….

…up above climbing.

This last photo shows the bouldering facilities, although Lindsey and I had to pass on bouldering. Our arms were sore and we didn’t want to die. Yes, Im exaggerating, but a good friend did break her leg here at Hanger 18 while bouldering. It’s not something to just jump into.

Hanger 18 was a great facility with a really nice (and patient) staff. We went to the Hawthorne location, although they offer 2 other locations around LA. The Hawthorne location offered special deals that make rock climbing affordable. Check out their website HERE. As a newbie, Im excited to go back.

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