New Haven Part I: The Yale Cushing Center (BRAINS!)

I hope you will pardon that there was no Weekend Guide posted on Friday. Since I am still on vaca, I’ve been out exploring and I’m a little behind on the times. But don’t fret, I’ll be back on the horse (that’s an expression right?) for next weekend. I’ll be back in LA tonight and back to my usual shenanigans. But before I head back, I need to update you on the rest of my Connecticut trip. On Friday I went to New Haven with my friends Mike and Lexy and it was so epic, I’ll need to spread it out over a few posts. So here’s part 1!

We started by walking down College Street to get to the Yale Nursing Library. New Haven isn’t big on food trucks (that I saw) but they do have a lot of food carts. You can see in the above picture, all the vendors line College St. waiting for the hungry Yale students to get a break from class.

This is the front of the Nursing School Library. Unfortunately, you have to be a nursing student to get in so you can’t just stop in. But thankfully my good friend Mike is a student and hooked us up.

I’m not sure what room in the library this was, but it was completely silent in there and it had the quintessential Ivy League look. Very Hogswart (for you Potter nerds).

As we descended down to The Cushing Center (aka. the BRAIN room!) we got lower and lower in the building, even passing a skeleton!

It was very quiet and we were alone as we entered The Cushing Center.

This dimley lit room was filled with brains! Jars with brains lined the entire room with 3 or 4 rows. It was so cool/creepy.

This was like something out of a movie and it was awesome. Better than any secret society we could’ve stumbled upon.

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