The Drive to the Cape

The clock has just struck midnight, which means this is officially Dec. 31st 2011. I’ll have a fully post later today, I just felt the need to play catch-up and bring you up to speed.

On Wednesday my sister and I drove together out to Cape Cod and this pictures were all taken mid route. The clouds made it a beautiful ride and I felt I had to share.

We spent the morning before the drive on a hunt for my sisters coat. She ordered it online and according to the tracking number it was in a local post office. We went (and got lost) looking for the post office. Once we were back on track, we learned after speaking directly to the guy that delivers our mail (how small town is that?!) that the coat was delivered to my parents work (which is closed down for the holidays). After making a stop at their work, a stop for coffee, and of course a stop at the outlets, we were on our way.

So as of Wednesday around 5pm, I’ve been out in Cape Cod hiking, eating, playing board games, and having family time. It’s been as restful as you can imagine. Later today Ill post some photos from our hikes as well as run down my full list of goals for 2012. Have you thought of your 2012 new years resolution? You’re running out of time! Hopefully my list will inspire you to come up with a few. Let’s face it, we all can aspire to be better at something. That’s up next!

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