LA Walk #35 USC and Exposition Park

After I finished my UCLA walk last weekend, it felt only fitting to follow it up with the USC walk (from THIS book). Amber and I found ourselves begining the walk with grumbling stomaches, so we crossed Figueroa Street and sat ourselves in an awesome restaurant/bar/pub the The Lab Gastropub. This place was extremely unexpected. They had long tables (which had chalkboard tops) which different groups of people would share. They had four Lab brews (see the sampler below). There were football games going and wifi. If I went to USC I would spend all my time here. I also had a delicious falafel burger with sweet potato fries (yummm).

After we had our fill, we began the walk across the street at Child’s Way on the USC campus. This campus was almost as quiet at UCLA. It was a lovely day, so we took our time exploring the campus.

The walk takes you to Heritage Hall where USC keeps all their Heisman trophies and various awards. The building was locked up, but we could see the trophies through the windows. Amber is a big football fan, so it felt appropriate to get her best Heisman impersonation.

After exploring more of USC, the walk takes you across the street where you get to play under an old United Airlines jet, which is part of the Aerospace Museum. This day their was an event outside the California Africian American Museum. Unfortunately, it was around this point when my camera started acting a little crazy… which was a tad distracting considering I had a lot more less to see on the walk.

While I tried not to think about my camera acting weirder and weirder, I was still able to get a couple good shots in before it really crapped out. Amber and I decided to visit the Natural History Museum and see the new dinosaur wing they’ve been advertising around town. This place was awesome. I highly recommend visiting. They also accept a KCRW discount.

The museum featured a section of the museum dedicated to birds, Africa, The America’s, geology/gems, whales, the marshlands, etc etc… so much to see.

It started getting late and the museum was about to close, so we continued on with our walk (USC isn’t much fun walking around in the dark). The walk takes you by the Coliseum and then to the California Science Center. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop in, but it is free and I will 100% be going back. They also added a metro line that goes right to USC, so it’s easier than ever to get there.

We continued the walk, stepping under an A-12 Blackbird spy craft built in the 1960’s which is connected with the Coliseum parking garage. From there we finished the walk by heading back to the car. Overall, I have to admit USC had a really beautiful campus, but UCLA really takes the cake. But USC definitely wins the museum category.

I’ll leave you with this last image from the Science Museum. It makes me smile.

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