I was going to update about another LA Walk, but that will have to wait. I had so much fun tonight at Tony’s that I must explain it. Yes, that’s right, after 1 month of no-beer-turkey-trot-training, I’m back at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank! Since I am facebook friends with Tony’s, as you all should be (HERE), I knew that they were having a deal on drinks for a cause. Tonight if you have a mustache and order off their specialty menu, they donate a $1 to a prostate cancer charity. Keep in mind, men with beards have a great advantage. Anywho, Amber and I decided to go and she found $2 mustaches at a local costume shop. Seeing as the money goes to a good cause, we just HAD to go to Tony’s ;). They were celebrating Movember which is all about growing mustaches in support of fighting prostate cancer.. check out the website HERE. A TAPS rep was there giving out free samples of TAPS Stout (super strong but yummy).

I think Amber would be okay with showing you this. She donned the “Scoundrel” which had lovely curves and I donned the “Partyboy” which made me look like my name was on a sex offender list somewhere. I had to tell you about this cool event and hopefully there are Movember events happening in your neighborhood. Check out the Threadless T-Shirt Challenge!

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