More To Come…

There is SO much to update you on. I still need to recap the last few days of my Thanksgiving break, as well as tell you about a few LA Walks that I completed (5 more until I reach my goal!) and a few crafts that I’ve been working on for the holidays. Be sure to check back all week, because I’ve got plenty of info and photos to share. Now that I’ve completed my Turkey Trot, I no longer have to spend my weeknights slaving away at the gym which means more school night fun. So much to be excited about. I’ve got a few more errands to finish up, and then expect a lengthy recap 🙂 Check back before you hit the sack!

UPDATE: Due to a slow internet connection, I’m going to have wait to post more. In the meantime take a look at the pictures I added to some previous posts!

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