Comikaze Expo Update

My friend Brian attended the Comikaze Expo (I wrote about it HERE) yesterday, and I have to post an update about it. They had an All That reunion at the Expo! You heard me right. All of you children from the 90’s know what Im talkin’ about. All That was Nickelodeon’s kid version of Saturday Night Live. The child comedians would do comedic sketches and have bands/rap groups perform kid-friendly versions of their songs to a live audience. It’s one of Nickelodeon’s greatest shows (in my opinion). Kenan Thompson even went on to become a cast member of SNL (as an adult). Here is Brian’s photo from the event:

You can see Kel Mitchell in the photo as well as Lori Beth Denberg (in the green). 90’s nostalgia is setting in! Check out this video from the event:

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