The Green Festival + Bottega Louie

Greetings from Nancy Drew, on this lovely Halloween. Yes, I am at work and yes, I am in costume. If you are an adult who is wearing a costume at some point today, I say bravo to you. We are keeping the spirit alive! Now on to important things.. did you go to the Green Festival this weekend?

On Sunday Michelle, Lindsey and I met up on the metro heading down to the LA Convention Center for the Green Festival. We didn’t leave until 1:30p to avoid the Rock and Roll Half-Marathoners that were starting at the Staples Center that morning. It was my first time in the LA Convention Center and it was huge. We followed hemp wearing patrons to find the registration area of the event. With a glance at our metro passes they let us in for free. The giant hall we were in was organized into rows of booths with small areas for demonstrations within each section. For example, the area with natural body lotions and products similar to that had seats set up for a speaker to talk on the subject. In addition to lotions, they had a housewares area, food area (yay for free samples!), volunteer groups, and children’s section. We spent an hour and a half exploring, taste testing, and learning. They had booths about elephant dung being recycled into paper and new building materials. My favorite set of booths were all the new organic chocolate flavor fusions.. and yummy free samples! We collectively had a great time and I would definately recommend visiting next years Green Festival, and check the left side of the website to see when it’s coming to your city HERE.

After the festival we walked through the Staples Center plaza and found the 4th floor pool deck bar and lounge at the new JW Marriot hotel. We had overpriced beers but got to relax and overlook downtown. I imagine it would be a great place to grab a drink before a concert at Nokia or a sporting event at the Staples Center.

Once it was nearing 5p we decided to meander over to Bottega Louie for a delicious dinner. It took a while to be seated (a rarity for BL). We split an order of portobello fries (amazing as always), and I ordered their clam pizza with sweet peppers (so good) and Michelle and Lindsey ordered a salad (looked refreshing) and Bianca pizza (with arugula.. so it’s healthy, right?). The entire meal we just talked about how amazing the food was. I love this place. You must go there if you can. We got all that food for about $20 a person. We couldn’t leave without getting some of their famous macaroons to go ($2 each).

So enough of my weekend, where are you going tonight? Bar 107 is having their costume party. Lola’s is having a deal on martinis and you should hit them up after you attend the West Hollywood Parade (adults only.. trust me). I will be doing the more family friendly Toluca Lake neighborhood walk. I expect many haunted houses!

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