Lola’s and Taix

Last night I hit up two fun, very different venues: Lola’s and Taix.

Lola’s in West Hollywood

Lola's and Catie's Hello Kitty cupcakes.

Yesterday was my roommate’s birthday and she loves Lola’s martinis, so she hosted a little get-together at Lola’s bar. They don’t let you reserve tables unless you’re ordering food (and this was more of a stop-by-for-a-drink event) so when the gathering ballooned to maybe 20 people it got a little tricky, but we made it work. Lola’s calls itself the “home of the apple martini” and has an extensive martini list. I indulged in the the “Red Caramel Apple Martini” and it did not disappoint. It did set me back $13 (not including tax and tip) so these drinks aren’t cheap, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. The drink was large with such a unique flavor. It smelled like an apple so I was expecting something tart but the caramel flavor really evened it out making for a very smooth drink. I also enjoyed the apple slice garnish. This place is a great “girl’s night out” bar and a fun excuse to put on a cute dress, hop into some uncomfortable shoes and debate which friend is the “Samantha” or the “Carrie”.

Taix in Echo Park

After Lola’s I switched gears from snooty WeHo to hipster Echo Park to meet up with my good friend Amber at the French Restaurant/Lounge Taix. She suggested we see the band May Stands Still which was giving a free show in the Taix Lounge (Lounge 321) that night from 10:30-11:30p. We got there around 9:30p to chat and enjoy a beer before the show. They didn’t have a large beer selection but I thought I would try the only beer on the list I’ve never heard of before: The Taix Pale Ale. Im embarrassed to say, I have no clue how to pronounce the name of this French restaurant and when ordering this beer I had to refer to it at the “titular drink”. We ordered a small cup of sweet potato fries (perfect for 2 people) and they were so delicious we didn’t need ketchup or the curry/mustardy dip they came with.

As it approached 10:30 and the room was still fairly empty, May Stands Still started their set. They were delightful. Amber and I both really enjoyed them. The lead singer, Emily Herndon, has such a lovely melodic voice that deserves a way better description than I could ever give. They have an indie acustic sound with only 2 guatarists and a back-up vocalist that dables in many instruments (including violin). It was hard to believe all that music was coming out of only a three-person band. Check them out HERE and listen to their tunes HERE. They were so nice that they gave Amber and I each a free copy of their EP, Matter of Time. I signed up for their mailing list, so I’ll keep you posted on shows to come and I highly recommend seeing them around town.

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