A Deathly Museum and a Griffith

Yesterday I took my own advice, I dusted off the ol’rain boots and prepared myself for a 25mph rainy drive to The Museum of Death. I had been meaning to check the place out for a while now. I mean what could a “museum of death” really display? Death. It displays death. This museum is not for the squeamish and be sure not to eat right before you go. When I first entered the museum I was met by a very nice goth-esque man. He was extremely bubbly and when I asked about a KCRW discount he said no, but they had a AAA discount. So for $13 I could cross another thing off my to-do list, done. The first room of the museum was about serial killers and included their drawings, letters, biographies. This room was facinating and an interesting look into how a serial killer thinks. The next few rooms were filled with really graphic images, so I rushed through (how to embalm, baby caskets.. really dark stuff). Then I reached the hall of cults where the video was playing from the Heavens Gate leader. Cults to me are such a strange thing, so I did enjoy that. The next room was about Charles Manson. The events of his life were long before I was born so it did clear up some misunderstandings I had about his life. I’m glad I got out of the house on a rainy Wednesday and crossed something off my list but I can’t say I have the desire to go back. If you’re thinking of going, Halloween is the time to do it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Once the rain subsided a group of my friends decided that Trivia Night at Bigfoot Lodge was on (every Wednesday at 9pm FYI). I wanted to meet a friend (Lindsey) there early to catch up and save a table. I pulled up out front and of course a film crew was all over the block setting up their shots and Bigfoot was closed to the public. Being the first one to get there I had to call and tell people it was off and alas my dream of attending one of Bigfoot’s game nights was dashed.

Lindsey was just around the corner so we decided we might as well do something in the neighborhood. We walked a few blocks down to The Griffith, a bar I’ve been to for birthday gatherings and for one Halloween. It’s got a great vibe and for a Wednesday night it had a good crowd (busy enough to not feel dead, but quiet enough that there wasn’t a wait at the bar). We ended up having a pretty great girls night. We each ordered a new beer we’ve never had before (me: a hazelnut beer, Lindsey: pumpkin beer). We took a seat on the comfy couches that wrap a fireplace, split an order of fries and got hit on by cute non-threatening med students. We definitely rectified our failed trivia night into an unexpected adventure. Just because plans don’t work out doesn’t mean you should give up and go home. Improvise and you might end up having an even more awesome night. 

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