A Rare Rainy LA Day

Of course day 2 of starting an adventure blog it’s down-pouring. It’s a great opportunity to talk about two fun rainy day activities around Los Angeles: Movies and Museums.

The Movies: This is a given for a rainy day, but it’s worth bringing up. Now a days movies are $15+ dollars (which is insane.. and don’t get me started about the 3D nonsense). Thankfully I’ve found that the matinee is still a thing theaters are doing, they just don’t advertise it. If you can catch a movie that begins before 12p, you can get it half price but they make it tricky. Often they begin their movie times just before noon, which means you have one chance to get the discount. But on a rainy Saturday, sometimes an 11:30am screening of whatever chick-flick is in theaters can make for a pretty sweet day. For people specifically in LA or NYC, when award season comes around (fall into winter) movies have free screenings and sometimes Q+A’s with the actors/director. Check out the LA Times or The Wrap for their free screenings. If you are in a union, they usually have free screenings as well (check out Below the Line). If you aren’t in a big city, smaller theaters sometimes offer a deal like $5 Tuesdays (which I had growing up in a small town).

Museums: In LA there are the big museums (The Getty, The Getty Villa, LACMA, The Hammer Museum or several MOCA locations) but there are awesome smaller museums that are worth a visit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the biggies (I’m a 2011 LACMA member- thank you Groupon!) but sometimes the most memorable museums aren’t the ones with Monet’s hanging in them. The Museum of Death (adults only), The Museum of Jurassic Technology, and The Museum of Tolerance are three museums I’ve been wanting to check out for a while now and are on my list, so expect a full report in a future posting.

One museum I recently walked by is Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum. I didn’t stop to check it out, but this museum is sponsored by the CCHR which was co-founded by the Church of Scientology (aka that’s a giant red-flag). Even their website is frightening, with a touch of “let us control you, and you will be safe” thrown in for good measure. You’ve been warned. 

The Skirball Cultural Center should probably be categorized with the other “big museums” because the Center is so large, but I feel like not many LA residence have

The Noah's Ark Exhibit at the Skirball Center

been here. This museum is great for children and adults. Their life-sized Noah’s Ark Exhibit is extraordinary. The animals are made out of everyday objects and it’s interactive as well, it’s so creative and worth a visit. This center also has theater events, which I personally have never attended, but my sister has raved about it.

Most of these museums offer discounts to students, AAA members, KCRW members, senior citizens, “free after five” deals etc. Once in a while they offer a “Target Sponsored Weekend” where several major museums are free and there is even a free shuttle service. The Getty Museum is always free, but charges $15 for parking so be sure to carpool. A MOCA ticket will offer you admission to all three museum locations for the day, so allow yourself the day to visit them all. Be sure to check out their websites for any special deals and events happening that day.

Well Im off to go enjoy this rare LA rainstorm. I think I just inspired myself to go visit the Museum of Death (that sounds unintentionally funny).

Teaser: Tonight I’ll be at Bigfoot Lodge for my first Trivia Night at that bar. Expect updates about it tomorrow! Also this weekend is my big Catalina camping adventure.

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