Bar of the Day: Tony’s Darts Away

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite places in Los Angeles: Tony’s Darts Away. I first discovered Tony’s when I drove home from work late at night a year ago. I would drive down Magnolia in Burbank, passing tv repair shops and barbershops that were closed for the night and in between these Mom and Pop shops was Tony’s Darts Away. This tiny bar had bicycles lined up out front and a warm light coming through the windows; it was definitely worth investigating. The bar is usually quite crowded for such a hidden location. They serve amazing vegan hot dogs with a menu of do-it-yourself fixin’s. I must recommend the vegan smoked apple sage sausage with cheddar cheese, vegan aioli, and frizzled onions on top for a crunch. Amazing. If you go with friends be sure to get a dish of the vegan sweet-potato fries. They put a molasses on top and sprinkle the fries with nuts, which creates a sweet/salty/crunch combo that you will love.

Besides their amazing food, they serve beer made at smaller independent breweries and they have them all on tap. Tony’s is about being eco-friendly and cans and bottles are not on their menu. They have special brewery events and an extensive menu everyday. They are definitely worth friending on facebook and stopping by for a cold one. For under $20 you could have an awesome night of unique ales, vegan hot dogs, and board games (oh yeah, did I forget to mention THAY HAVE BOARD GAMES!) They opened a sister restaurant called Mohawk Bend in Echo Park which is more about the food and less about the beer. As soon as I go I will review it for you here! Check them out at

*Just a reminder that I am not paid to advertise anything I post, this and future posts are all based on my experiences and hopefully will help you find a fun cheap way to try something different in Los Angeles.

4 thoughts on “Bar of the Day: Tony’s Darts Away

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  2. Tony’s Darts Away is definitely my new obsession. But, the one thing this writer didn’t mention is the amazingly friendly staff there! I really love these guys and this place! It’s for real.

  3. Thank you Brooks for bringing that up! It was a major oversight on my part. Tony’s staff is awesome. Every time I go I say “I like coffee beer, what can you recommend that you have on tap today?” The bartenders are so knowledgeable about their beer, and always get me something awesome. It’s one of the few places where I completely trust their opinion.

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