An Evolving Blog


You may have already noticed, but I’m making some live changes to the blog in 2014. It’s a bit of a construction zone over here. Please pardon Life Absorbed’s appearance as I work through the kinks and settle on the right look for Life Absorbed 2014!

Many of my 2014 resolutions have to do with big changes, and 2014 is going to be filled with these changes, growth and evolution. As this is all happening, it means Life Absorbed will also be evolving along with me. I hope everyone stays on board for the changes. I’m excited- are you?

2014 Resolution Update: Feb 1


It’s February 1st and time to check in and see how our 2014 resolutions are coming. This post is mainly to keep myself on track, but I hope it inspires you to work on your own goals as well. In THIS post I detailed my 2014 resolutions, and now that a month has gone by, it’s time to see if I’ve been good or bad.

Since my list had some particulars and some abstract goals, I thought it would be best to make a specific January-resolutions-to-tackle list. This can be helpful if your resolutions feel a tad overwhelming (I raise my hand and lower head in guilt).

I also did something new this year- I have a digital sticky note on my desktop where I add a goal that I reached (or fun event that I did) and the date I did it. This way at the end of the month I have a list of accomplishments. Too many times months fly by and I get a sinking feeling of “did I even do anything this month?? Surely I did something worthwhile??” So instead of going over all my zillion resolutions I’m going to copy and share my January 2014 sticky note of achievements.

- Went snow tubing with Lexy (Jan 3)
- Drove to NY on a thrift store venture whim with my parents and saw Jasper Johns house (Jan 4)
- Went to a Uconn Huskies Basketball Game (Jan 7)
- Drove to New Hampshire and visted Kaleigh and Julie+David’s place (Jan 8)
- Told a boy I like him (Jan 8)
- Got a credit card (Jan 10)
- My juicer arrived today (Jan 11)
- Built my own Bar Cart (Jan 13)
- Built my own Console Table (Jan 16)
- Had a Palm Springs weekend (Jan 18/19)
- Did a Secret Stair Walk (Jan 21)
- Played really well in Dodgeball and helped my team win (Jan 22)
- Built a hat rack (Jan 23)
- Went go karting (Jan 23)
- Had my yearly doctors appt (Jan 24)
- Saw Fitz and the Tantrums perform at Robin Thicke’s Pre-Grammy Party (Jan 24)
- Did 2 Secret Stairs Walks (Jan 25)
- Finished reading Wild (Jan 25)
- Went to the Eagle Rock Brewery 4th birthday event (Jan 26)
- Satellite Concert (Jan 27)
- Sugar Fish dinner with my Uncle (Jan 28)
- Completed my Illustrator 2 class (Jan 30)
- Got my Spud box and started using my Juicer (Jan 31)

My plan is to continue these lists for all 12 months, so at the end of 2014 I’ll have a full list of accomplishments to be proud of and it’ll make 2014 not feel wasted. I’ve decided February 2014 will be about exercise. I’m going to finish all my Secret Stair walks, do more hikes, go running at the gym more and hopefully work up to running a 10k in 2014. I hope to do more reading and have more “me time”. I hope to have my website fully up and running… and so much more.

It’s hard to believe 1/12 of the year just flew by! We only have 11 more months to complete a lot of goals. I hope to spend February productively and when I check in March 1st many more goals will be completed. Cheers to another month!

Snowy Connecticut


Happy snow day everyone! The East Coast got some crazy snow last night. It was actually a rare treat to shovel the driveway this morning (I volunteered). Shoveling is quite the full body work out. I even went snow tubing today- what a treat!

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon/evening with another Israel post. Happy Friday!

2014 New Year Resolutions

HD-happy-new-year-wallpapers-2014-j(Photo from here)

Happy end to 2013, and happy beginning to 2014! If you’ve been following along the past couple years, you know I’m big into resolutions. I like to share them here in a public forum in the hope that I will fulfill as many of the goals as possible. I’m sure that this isn’t exciting to people who aren’t myself, but I think goals are important for everyone to make and I hope you make your own list for 2014. This year I decided to break down my resolutions into categories of basic self-improvement. You’ll see some of my unfinished 2013 resolutions made it onto my 2014 list. Enjoy!



Digital Resolutions:
O figure out how to update computer in a cost effective way
O Find a solution to a music hard drive, a work hard drive, a photo hard drive, and use bridge to organize it all AKA Digital Organization

“Working toward my Future” Goals:
O Can my passion become my job?
O Keep building! Keep my skills growing
O Develop my art shop website and launch it
O Work on my networking skills
O I’ve wanted a property for years and it’s time I crate a plan to make it real. How much more money do I need?
O Create “dream” renovations via pinterest and then break down what that will cost by room (aka bathroom, kitchen, living space) knowing that it will change by the location
O Practice what you want to do by finding a house on zillow and draw out + illustrate the changes you would make to it and try to attach numbers to those changes. It’ll be a great exercise.
O Figure out how to make buying a property and also developing my own business a reality

Design Goals:
O Build a console table
O Make a headboard
O Design 2 bedside light fixtures for myself (but also to sell)
O Redo my bathroom to be more in the “Spa lifestyle”

Exercise Goals:
O Fit into my 2012 jeans!
O Buy a juicer! and use it!
O Running- you hate it, but you must

Money Goals:
O Pay off my 4.8% interest student loans in 2014
O Finish paying off all my student loans?

Reading/Mental Goals:
O Read my Susie Orman Book
O Become more active in book club
O Even read books outside of book club
O Read my blogging and starting a business books
O Do more Rosetta Stone

Social Goals:
O Volunteer!
O Play more dodgeball
O Go to even more comedy shows
O Use my trapeze coupon

Personality Goals:
O Be more patient
O Don’t be a stick in the mud

“Upping my Skills” Goals:
O Take at least one woodworking class
O Take an Illustrator 2 Class
O Take a Sketch-up Class

California Goals:
O Visit places I ddn’t get to in 2013 (Reagan Presidential library)
O Revisit that Palos Verdes Beach with all the animals!
O Visit Wolf Mountain?
O Elmers Bottle Tree Ranch?
O Gamble House Tour (Pasadena)
O Take a weekend trip north?
O Weekend trip in Palm Springs
O Visit Salvation Mountain
O San Fran? Or a road trip north?

O BLOG MORE- be more active in the blogging community
O Keep making/updating/editing my vision board
O Grow a PAIR!

This is a very ambitious list with a few “???” in it, but I’ll do my best in ’14 to complete as much as I can. My horoscope has been touting what a big year of change 2014 will be for me and I’m very excited for the welcomed change. 2013 has been so much about saving money, paying off debts and working toward preparing myself for a big change, so I’ve got big expectations for 2014. I think if you want something enough, you can will it to happen… so we shall see :) Cheers to 2014!

2013 Resolutions: The Final Weigh-in


Greetings from a wintery Cape Cod. As you know I make a huge resolution list, and in 2013 it was no exception. HERE‘s my initial 2013 list. HERE is when I checked-in and took stock of my progress in July. And now here we are, on the last day of 2013 and it’s time I see how successful I was.

Resolutions for 2013:
- “SAVE SAVE SAVE!” - Check! In 2013 I knocked off 1 of 2 student loans and got rid of all my high interest loans. I’m hugely proud of myself for this because otherwise I’d still be paying off these loans at 50 years old. Just a little more to go.
- Go Cross Country skiing for the first time! – it didn’t happen in 2013.. maybe 2014?
- White water rafting. - I didn’t get to go in 2013, but hopefully next summer.
- Go kayaking - Check! I went in Cape Cod in the fall.
- Walk 5 times a week at least (mornings + nights!) - Check! I was pretty good about walking and added the Silver Lake Reservoir to my regular walks.
- Do a Monster Walk! - Nope, but I still did plenty of walking in 2013.
- Do more hikes from my hike book – Nope, in 2014 I need to hike more.
- More camping! - I hope to do a lot more in 2014 and I’m aching for it!
- Run a race! 5k and work up to 10k? - It’s about time I trained again.
- Whiten Teeth - Check!
- Do a secret stair walk with the facebook group and meet other stair walkers. – I still need to do this. It will happen in 2014.
-Do taxes in January (to get money back sooner!) -Check!
- Take an art class - Check!
- Do more artwork. I have the supplies, so no excuses! - Double Check!!
- Learn French I- Rosetta Stone - Check!
- Learn how to sew - Check!
- Learn how to knit - I still need to do this.
- Take vitamin b – I’m bad about doing this every day, but I’ll work on it in 2014.
- Keep up water intake! - Check!
- Clean bathroom drawer + cabinet - Check!
- Do projects from the Young, House Love book - Check!
- See a dermatologist - I’ve put this off for years now. It’s time.
- Read typography book I got for Christmas - Check! I’ve also read a handful of books in 2013, which is the thing I have the most trouble making time for.
- Clean out closet again this year- Check!
- Clean garage and organize with plastic bins - Done, but I wonder if I should do this again.
- Clean out wallet - Check!
- Clean out all emails - Check! But this is a life project and will have to happen again.
- Clean out computer and back up files - Check! But this is another thing that is a constant issue.
- Get a new cell phone – Check!
- Keep going out during the week -I’m always up for week night fun, I’ll sleep when Im dead – Check!
- Do more running outside – Check! But I still hope to do this more.
- Living on my own?? – Not this year, but it’s another year of saving for something better in 2014.
Improve my blog! Change is a good thing! - Check! I redid the header and I’ve been working away on my shop site.
Keep saying yes.. to everything! Yes to life! YES!

Trip Ideas:
O Visit 2 presidential libraries – Went to the Nixon Library, still need to see the Reagan Library.
O Take the train somewhere for a day trip outside LA -I haven’t taken the train, but I’ve been north and south for day trips outside of LA in 2013.
O Chicago again? -We shall see
O Beach camping up the coast?
O San Fran? more north? Portland? -I decided to skip this and some of the expensive travel items because I went to Israel and Istanbul with my sister and uncle in November. When I made this list last year I had no clue this was doable, and we made it real!


Well everyone, thanks for reading in 2013! Tomorrow I’ll be posting my 2014 New Years resolutions and in January my Israel + Istanbul travel posts will begin. I can’t wait to share all of this with you, as well as all the excitement that 2014 is going to bring. My horoscope has been saying for years that 2014 is going to be a big year of change for me, and I’m really looking forward to the needed change!

Merry Christmas 2013!


Merry Christmas everyone! I just wanted to share this photo of my lovely grandma Gertrude opening her presents this morning. It had been tradition when I was growing up to head to my grandparents house for brunch. As of course circumstances have changed over the years, we still wanted to spend that time with Grandma so we went to see her at 11a this morning. She looked so regal with her red jacket and matching nail polish. It was a treat, as I’ve been home for several days but I’ve been too ill to visit her facility. She was just as sweet and upbeat as always.

Do This Today: Cardboard Box Office

enhanced-buzz-3733-1387742973-21 (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve everyone! Today’s “Do This Today” is checking out THIS link. Buzzfeed posted this great piece about a couple with a newborn who moved from New Zealand to Sydney. They had a bunch of boxes and though it would be fun to make classic scenes from famous movies with the left over cardboard boxes. Check out their website Cardboard Box Office. They’re so clever!

That’s A Wrap!

As much as it’s sad to say goodbye to coworkers, I’m excited to say that as of Friday the 13th, I’ve finished up working on the Disney movie McFarland. As a freelance Art Department Coordinator I’m constantly jumping around from project to project so saying goodbyes has become part of the process and it’s important to look forward to what’s next up. For me it’s freedom and travel! I’m off to New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for the holidays. I tell you this because it means I won’t be doing the Do This Today over the next couple days until I’m settled in. And it’s good, because I need the time to keep sorting through 1600 Israel + Istanbul images in order to best tell you about my trip.


Since it’s December, it’s also time to recap my past year and go through my resolutions list as well as time to start thinking about 2014′s resolutions. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a year of transition and planning for the challenges I’m looking forward to later in life. I’m excited to share it all with you.

I’m also happy to say that by my job ending I will now have time to see weekday comedy shows! I couldn’t be more excited about this. Get ready for a 2014 with tons of comedian photos from all the events. Cheers everyone, and I’ll be back to update in the next few days.

Sleeping in on Sunday… Oh and Everest

I’m sorry for the missed posts on Friday. Unfortunately while I’m working, inconsistency is unavoidable. Did you hit up the Festival Supreme yesterday? I did not. Despite LOVING comedy I couldn’t justify the cost of the ticket because I’ve seen all the slated performers around town for crazy cheap. But I read Lonely Island joined Tenacious D on stage and did a surprise set. For just that alone I would have paid full price for the ticket. Oh well, someday I’ll get to see them perform in person. Also this means they are in LA… I wonder what local shows they will be dropping into while they’re here?

27d32ef237ef11e3a2ab22000a1fb84b_7 (image from here)

While I’m puttering around in LA, my sister is hiking her way to Everest Base Camp right now. She’s a travel blogger (As Her World Turns) and while her newest posts are still back from when she was in Australia, if you follow her instagram you can see her up-to-the-second images. Like this one above. Can you imagine living in this town on the side of Everest?